Our mission at preKrate is to offer simple, well-planned preschool curriculum and supplies on a monthly basis. We provide parents the educational support they need to implement learning opportunities at home while ensuring children receive high quality, effective, and developmentally appropriate instruction and exceptional preparation for Kindergarten.

Why preschool?

Research continues to show that children who participate in preschool programs, specifically with a curriculum focused on math and literacy, are more likely to attend and graduate college and foster a lifetime love of learning. Moreover, investing in preschool education on a national level has many benefits to society including reduced crime, cost savings per capita, and increased innovation.

Why at home?

We recognize that many families choose to educate their young children at home for a multitude of reasons. Equipping parents with all the materials needed along with quality and easy to use lesson plans will reduce stress, save time, and increase the fun! Our expert developed curriculum will ensure children meet or exceed expectations for Kindergarten.

What Parents are Saying

After two months she is able to tell me the first letter of her name and is counting to ten!

Erica P.

High-quality education that will help him be prepared for Kindergarten.

Katherine J.

Meet the preKrate Team

Carley Byron, M.Ed.

Founder + Executive Director

Carley is a preschool teacher and mom to four littles. She has a Master’s of Education in Curriculum Development for Early Childhood and over five years of classroom experience. While in the classroom, she has worked with children ranging in age from two years to five years and finds great value and joy in the learning and exploration that takes place during the early childhood years. 

Kara Hoholik, M.Ed.

Marketing + Content Director

Kara is a social media and content marketing strategist and writer. She has a background in higher education, and is a stay-at-home mom to three littles. She places a high value on learning at home and outdoors, loves watching her children master new skills, and can be found reading and writing in her spare time – a love she shares with her children.

Our Vision

We see preschool education as essential for the foundation of a productive society and to establish a lifelong love of learning. We see preschool options around the country as cost-prohibitive for many families. We want to see parents witnessing their child’s growth and increased Kindergarten readiness as each month passes. preKrate is an affordable option for parents and children to simply learn together and bring value to their daily lives.

Let’s learn + grow together!

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