December Activity

• Pine Needles
• Air Dry Clay
• Christmas Cookie Cutters
• Straw
• Twine
• Mod Podge
Glossy is a shiny finish and matte is a flat finish. I use my fingers to apply the Mod Podge so I can control it better. I don’t want any pine needles to brush off with the sponge brush.

Step 1:
Roll out the clay with your child.
Step 2:
Choose cookie cutter designs and cut out your ornaments! If you don’t celebrate Christmas you can still do this activity with any shape.
Step 3:
Just grab some pine needles from outside and you’re all set to start decorating.
Step 4:
Once your ornaments are finished, put a layer of Mod Podge over the pine needles. This will help them stay in place. A cookie rack will help the ornaments dry quicker but this isn’t necessary.
Step 5:
Drying time is typically 2 days.

This is one of those activities that is totally doable for kids of all ages and will turn out beautiful every time! And of course those pine needles make your home smell so good!

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